Pulse will be available in November 2019 for $199.00. It is our medical version of a SmartWatch and/or SmartBracelet.

Besides the basic functions of a Pedometer monitoring Steps/Distance/Calories, a Stopwatch function, Time Display, Call Reminder, Incoming Call, Sim Card Calling, Messaging, Pulse monitors your Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen, SPO2, Blood Pressure, Glucose and tracks your sleep (sleep time & quality) and sends these data to your Personal Health Dashboard, a platform accessible from Physicians, Labs, and the Patient/Client.

Pulse will send an Alarm if critical values are reached, for example, if your Blood Pressure suddenly raises tremendously and Pulse realizes you're not exercising, Pulse receives an alarm (beeping/vibrating) requesting you to respond. If the Alarm is not answered within a set time frame, Pulse will send an Ambulance to the LBS precise location provided by the GPS coordinates of your whereabouts. 

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