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PHD Professional

Access to the Personal Health Dashboard PHD Professional ( to review your Health Data and Transmissions from Pulse).

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Our PredictiMed™ Ecosystem provides an easy and effective solution to controlling and avoiding unnecessary healthcare costs.  Our unique, configurable platform is integrated to create an interactive venue that guides employees through an online personal health assessment and directs them to risk resolution and health management modules.


Employers get the benefit of an instant snapshot of the health risks in their population. Valuable statistical information and guidelines direct positive changes in employee health and health benefits management, thereby realizing substantial savings.


PredictiMed™ Receives Validation from the Intel-GE Care Innovations Validation Institute


The PredictiMed™ guarantee exemplifies valid metric measurement that is focusing only on the diagnosis codes that the Agency for Health Research and Quality says can be addressed. It is measuring events across the population (thus avoiding participant bias, a common and well-understood invalidator), and emphasizes ER and inpatient event avoidance. PredictiMed™ incorporates secular event rate trend into the event rate tally to avoid taking credit for reductions (such as in heart events) that would have, statistically speaking, taken place anyway. Furthermore, PredictiMed™ is willing to guarantee a reduction of ER events and hospitalizations by 25%, depending on participation and compliance of a population.




01. Identify Risk

  • Predictive model predicts the onset of a disease before symptoms 

  • Predictive model combines: Objective & Subjective data

  • Synthenalysis combines various studies to determine what causes certain conditions

  • Predictive analytics provides earlier risk intervention before organ damage occurs

  • Validation of the predictive pre-disease risk categories


02. Predict Future Cost

  • Uses proprietary analytics

  • Identifies risk burden-potential and risk and cost avoidance/exposure for each condition

  • Identifies project cost and productivity savings

  • Correlates predisease long-term health risk costs which can identify up to 60% savings opportunity per at-risk individual

  • Forecasts known risk and cost progression


03. Manage the Predictable

  • Identify and improve the existing medical conditions before they become symptomatic and later stage

  • Manage pre-clinical/pre-symptomatic conditions before becoming clinical,
    symptomatic, full-blown disease

  • Manage acute clinical/symptomatic medical conditions to a regression state and improved outcomes

  • Early intervention and proactive, guideline-driven care management


04. Better Health Outcomes

  • Focuses on proactive care management

  • Prevents complications and end-stage problems

  • Identifies incorrect disease management by gap analysis

  • Provides a long-term continuum of care

  • Provides proven enhancement of health outcomes and lower costs


05. Constant Data Analysis

  • Follows physician disease management episodic activities by patient

  • Tracks utilization & costs

  • Identifies treatment gaps


06. Lower Costs

  • Analyzes claims and health plans to track and formulate new strategies

  • Tracks claim adjudication expenses

  • Tracks health plan expenses

  • Tracks disease & procedure claims

  • Provides provider & drug distribution activities

Health management programs are the aggregation of health management disciplines and technology resources, such as health risk analysis, risk classification, targeted risk resolution application, education, coaching and lifestyle risk management.

Whether you are looking for a turnkey program or the tools to manage your own program, MEDICUS has the experience and services to produce positive outcomes.
The Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is a confidential online questionnaire about health and lifestyle habits (i.e., blood pressure, weight, tobacco use, physical activity, etc.). After completing the questionnaire each participant receives a confidential health profile that identifies major health risks, and highlights healthy habits and changes the participant can make to resolve health risks.
Using our network of qualified practitioners, we offer national group and remote screening services. This includes the integration of results from screenings or physician’s office.
Wholeistic™ Coaching focuses on the whole person, patient-centric approach and offers each participant an opportunity to set goals for his/ her physical and mental well-being. This includes disease management, self-care and lifestyle management such as treatment plan and medication education and adherence, weight, fitness, nutrition, stress, smoking cessation and the mindset to sustain wellness. All PredictiMed coaches are highly qualified, certified professionals.
Users can follow their incentive progress to easily understand the rewards they have earned as a result of their wellness participation and/or health outcomes. 

MEDICUS provides best-practice wellness program design strategies. We understand that each company has a unique culture, and we help design and support a variety of programs to help you build a culture of success and wellbeing.
Our clients are supported by a dedicated team of Health and Wellness Consultants who will assist in implementation, ongoing support and overall direction of wellness initiatives.  The team offers full communications support, including content creation and design. 

Our team supports all types of program designs, and we can coordinate all data for incentive tracking and Reasonable Alternative Standard (RAS) administration.  This team has combined experience of over 35 years in population health management. 

Guaranteed Outcomes

Predict and Prevent

MEDICUS’ proprietary HRA predicts and classifies 35 conditions of which we stratify into different levels based on a combination of factors.  Using this predictive modeling approach, we typically identify 20% to 40% of the population as either previously diagnosed or at high risk for a Predisease condition or biometric score. Our predisease algorithms predict future disease costs, which significantly improves the ability to measure R.O.I.

Full Integration

PredictiMed™ is a unique, fully integrated technology suite designed to assist in establishing a healthier lifestyle while increasing productivity and reducing total healthcare costs.



  The PredictiMedTM Plan  

A Complete Health Plan for Self Funded and Fully Insured Groups

MEDICUS' newest health plan strategy is available to organizations that want to save money now and years to come.

Four Building Blocks

Four tried and true building blocks come together to form the foundation of the PredictiMed™ plan:

  1. Unique Underwriting

  2. Sophisticated Hospital Partnering

  3. Voluntary Benefits & HRA/FSA/DCA Programs

  4. Proven Health & Wellbeing Programs

Manage and Save

The program enables Benefit Consultants and Employers to manage risk, plan for the future, control the uncontrollable, take care of your people, reduce your cost now, prevent cost later and improve your benefits year over year.        

Included in the plan:

TPA • Challenges/Activities  • PBM  •  
Biometric Screenings  • EAP  • Narrow Networks •  Telemedicine  •   COBRA •  Case Management/UR  •  Wellness  •  Wholeistic™ Coaching

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