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An innovative antimicrobial finish protection technology. A water soluble molecular surface bond solution applied via industrial laundry facilities servicing the health care industry or with our formula for residential use in the wash machine.

Provides long term finish protection over traditional disinfectants, sanitizers, bleaches, etc. which are only capable of short term antimicrobial protection.

Once fabrics are washed with Balance and Microstatic, they will be virtually free of fungus, bacteria and viruses up to 99.99%, as the individual fibers are shielded with a layer of an electrically charged, swordlike barrier that penetrates and "zaps" the cell walls.


Top base of the molecule is the Milan base. The silane base is the antimicrobial anchor. The antimicrobial is anchored by covalent bonds which are formed gradually through hydrolysis reactions that bond the antimicrobial permanently to almost any surface for cross linking and polymerization with other molecules.

The middle part of the molecule is a centrally located positively charged nitrogen. It plays an important role in the active nature of the antimicrobial. Certain cell walls of microbes are negatively charged, when in close proximity, these microbes are drawn into the active surface of the antimicrobial and controlled. A pulling down action towards the center point occurs. The negative and positive charge also naturally create an electro- static blow to the offending microbes.

The top of the Chain creates an edge of defense to penetrate offending microbes. The long molecule chain acts like a spike that punctures the cell membranes of any microbe coming in contact with it.


  • Applied in a single stage of wet finish process which offers a superior affinity to fabric.
  • A unique coating process allows the fabric to go through a chemisorption process when delivered and co-mingled with the wash load.
  • An ion exchange occurs when the cation of the silane quit ammonium compound replaces protons from the water on the surface enabling a homopolymerize effect on the fabric itself. Producing a non-leaching technology that delivers permanent protection between washings.


  • Provides long term defense or finish protection on any laundered fabric.

  • Inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, algae & fungi.

  • Non-Leaching or “Bio-Static” Technology.

  • Does not wear off and is permanent between washes.

  • Non-Flammable, VOC free and contains no heavy metals.

  • Eliminates the odors caused by human sweat on fabrics.

  • Controls on contact.

  • Safely breaks down harmful gram+ and gram- bacteria and other harmful microbes.

  • Proven to reduce the spread of invasive hospital bacteria by 99%+ on hospital sheets, towels and pillow cases.


  • The silan quat technology is non-fugative, unlike products such as triclosan. Fugitive products create “zones of inhibition”. On the edges of the zones, the “weak areas” of the zone, the bacteria is not readily destroyed thus creating the possibility of the bacteria eventually mutating and becoming resistant to the antimicrobial. Triclosan is also a chlorinated solvent. Silane quit penetrates the cell wall of the bacterial which destroys the micro-organism.
  • Another form of antimicrobial commonly used are derivatives of heavy metals that cause many problems with the environment. The most commonly used is the zinc almodine. Unlike the silane quat technology, the zinc product does not have an affinity for the fiber thus cannot be applied from a long-bath such as washers.
  • The silane quat technology is based on a coconut oil derivative which is a renewable source.
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  • Antimicrobial is a 3-(trimethoxysilyl) propyldimethyloctadecyl ammonium chloride.

  • Imparts a durable antimicrobial finish to the surfaces of a wide variety of substrates.

  • It is a leach resistant & non-migrating technology and is not consumed by microorganisms.


  • Designed specifically with a non-flammable solvent system for easy dispensability.

  • Effectively inhibits the growth of mold and mildew, algae and bacteria & viruses on various surfaces.

  • Protects against microbial deterioration, discoloration and odor.

  • Provides an invisible, durable micro bio static finish and anti-static properties to surfaces.

  • Active Ingredient U.S. EPA Number: 48937-1 (EPA Est. 048937- NC-001).

  • Type: Silane quaternary ammonium

  • Technical Application: Exhaustion



  • Exceeds TRSA Hygienically Clean Criteria

    • Microbial Counts (4cfu/inch2)

  • Microorganism Inhibition Testing

    • Log Reduction (3.25 - 3.93)
    • Reduction Percent (99.94 - 99.98)

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