Logix Smart Covid-19 Test

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Logix Smart Covid-19 Test

CO-DIAGNOSTICS INC. Logix Smart Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) Kit

Type of Test: A real-time in vitro, rapid RT-PCR test for upper and lower respiratory tract specimens, patient serum, or saliva. Results generated in 60-90 minutes. EUA granted on April 3. 

Availability: Only offered to labs certified to perform high-complexity tests. The company will also sell to laboratories located outside the U.S that have similar qualifications. Ships from Salt Lake City, UT. Production capacity is scaleable from 1 million to 3 million tests per day with a plan to triple capacity in the upcoming weeks. 

Accuracy: Early studies showing 100% Sensitivity + 100% Specificity based on 180 patients with incredible LoD (Limit of Detection) of 1.3. This test will pick up very low levels of Sars-CoV-2 compared to other PCR tests. The key to this their patented Coprimer technology. The coprimer was perfected with Codiagnostics software algorithm, allowing reactions more specific than other PCR technologies. This allows the PCR test to better identify viruses with a significant reduction of errors. The highly prestigious Journal of Molecular Diagnostics deemed this technology a “Technical Advance” as it is 2.5 million times effective at reducing amplification errors. These errors are what lead to false negatives/positives in other conventional PCR kits. 

Kit: 3 Vials, One master-mix, and two controls. Single Step to prepare a sample. It is compatible with most qPCR machines that already exist in high-complexity labs. 

Storage: -20 C (freezer). 

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