Kiosk (Medical Management System) Stage I

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Kiosk (Medical Management System) Stage I

Rent a MEDICUS Kiosk for $500.00 per month. 

Safe Care begins with proper identification!

The MEDICUS Kiosk uses facial recognition and palm biometric technology to safely, accurately, and deterministically identify patients. It is easy, fast, and secure. It improves patient satisfaction and enables quick deployment in a variety of settings. It is easily integrated into existing EMPI and EHR deployments.

We provide you with the leading identity management solution automating patient identity verification and record matching, while improving the overall check-in workflow across disparate systems and locations.

We provide configurable Real Time Patient Identity Verification with multi factor authentication, easily integrating with existing EMPI/EHR systems, therefore can be added to any architecture and workflow. It decreases check-in time and cost, increases the data quality, prevents errors and eliminates duplicate records, it is interoperable, and increases patient satisfaction.

- Automated accurate identification harmonizes technology, people, and processes.

- Patient ID verification and Validation.

- Biometric capture binds accurate ID to Record.

- Duplicate Record elimination.

- Lower Costs.

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