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PHD Basic

Access to the Personal Health Dashboard to review your Health Data and Transmissions from Pulse.


Access to the Personal Health Dashboard PHD Professional ( to review your Health Data and Transmissions from Pulse).

A monthly service fee of $3.00 will be deducted from your bank account.

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Our PredictiMed™ Ecosystem provides an easy and effective solution to controlling and avoiding unnecessary healthcare costs.  Our unique, configurable platform is integrated to create an interactive venue that guides employees through an online personal health assessment and directs them to risk resolution and health management modules.


Employers get the benefit of an instant snapshot of the health risks in their population. Valuable statistical information and guidelines direct positive changes in employee health and health benefits management, thereby realizing substantial savings.


PredictiMed™ Receives Validation from the Intel-GE Care Innovations Validation Institute


The PredictiMed™ guarantee exemplifies valid metric measurement that is focusing only on the diagnosis codes that the Agency for Health Research and Quality says can be addressed. It is measuring events across the population (thus avoiding participant bias, a common and well-understood invalidator), and emphasizes ER and inpatient event avoidance. PredictiMed™ incorporates secular event rate trend into the event rate tally to avoid taking credit for reductions (such as in heart events) that would have, statistically speaking, taken place anyway. Furthermore, PredictiMed™ is willing to guarantee a reduction of ER events and hospitalizations by 25%, depending on participation and compliance of a population.






01. Identify Risk

  • Predictive model predicts the onset of a disease before symptoms 

  • Predictive model combines: Objective & Subjective data

  • Synthenalysis combines various studies to determine what causes certain conditions

  • Predictive analytics provides earlier risk intervention before organ damage occurs

  • Validation of the predictive pre-disease risk categories


02. Predict Future Cost

  • Uses proprietary analytics

  • Identifies risk burden-potential and risk and cost avoidance/exposure for each condition

  • Identifies project cost and productivity savings

  • Correlates predisease long-term health risk costs which can identify up to 60% savings opportunity per at-risk individual

  • Forecasts known risk and cost progression


03. Manage the Predictable

  • Identify and improve the existing medical conditions before they become symptomatic and later stage

  • Manage pre-clinical/pre-symptomatic conditions before becoming clinical,
    symptomatic, full-blown disease

  • Manage acute clinical/symptomatic medical conditions to a regression state and improved outcomes

  • Early intervention and proactive, guideline-driven care management


04. Better Health Outcomes

  • Focuses on proactive care management

  • Prevents complications and end-stage problems

  • Identifies incorrect disease management by gap analysis

  • Provides a long-term continuum of care

  • Provides proven enhancement of health outcomes and lower costs


05. Constant Data Analysis

  • Follows physician disease management episodic activities by patient

  • Tracks utilization & costs

  • Identifies treatment gaps


06. Lower Costs

  • Analyzes claims and health plans to track and formulate new strategies

  • Tracks claim adjudication expenses

  • Tracks health plan expenses

  • Tracks disease & procedure claims

  • Provides provider & drug distribution activities




The PHD (Personal Health Dashboard) is a comprehensive and dynamic user portal utilizing a responsive design that provides a seamless, personalized user experience.

It includes a comprehensive health profile and medical history chart with dated episodic medical information that can be used at anytime, anywhere in the world. The PHD is a safe, encrypted medical site which contains a medical passport with personal, medical and insurance information, as well as a comprehensive health and wellness management site.




The Health Coach Tracker tool assists health practitioners in managing interactions with participants such as setting goals, tracking appointments, collecting data on attained and not attained goals.

The Health Coach Tracker is also a data mining tool using filters to apply searches to categories including participation, demographics, lifestyle categories, disease categories, biometric test values, Wellcentive Score and many other parameters.



Our clients are provided access to an administrative reporting dashboard.  Additionally, a confidential Executive Summary Report is prepared and presented to management that is based on the analysis of health risks and behaviors determined by the collected data reports of the population.

Reports include information on lifestyle risks, disease present in the population, predisease risks, absenteeism and presenteeism, participation details, readiness to change, biometric screening results, WellCentive scores, risk burden and potential savings (ROI) based on the predictive modeling.



Our Health Counts module is an effective incentive tool that is essential for managing engagement and tracking healthful behaviors.

By creating campaigns and activities for the participants, your team can motivate participants by awarding points.  This ensures that you can track the progress of group participation.



Our Sweeper Claims Analysis Tool allows for the analysis of medical claim events to search for trends, measure success, evaluate spend and compare different segments of the population.



Our Content Management System module allows for customization of certain content visible to users on their Personal Health Dashboard (PHD).

Customize tabs, videos, information and other data such as questionnaires, surveys, protocols, etc.

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