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BALANCE   #1 selling ecobiotic Detergent

Once fabrics are washed with Balance and Microstatic, they will be virtually free of fungus, bacteria and viruses up to 99.99%, as the individual fibers are shielded with a layer of an electrically charged, swordlike barrier that penetrates and "zaps" the cell walls.

Advancing Fabric Care, REACH compliant, without the use of chlorine bleach, delivered in a biodegradable bottle. Wash cleaner, protect your fabric and do something for the environment and only pay half of what the market leading detergents cost.

Balance utilizes innovative pro-microbial and anti-microbial solutions with advanced surfactant, enzymatic and ecologically driven cleaning technologies to deliver a perfect balance of ecologically centered washing and protecting technologies. That means, using Balance will double the lifetime of your fabric.

  • Non hazardous
  • Natural-Biologic Detergent, contains no Cancer causing ingredients
  • Biodegradable Bottle
  • Safe, effective, resourceful, prolonging lifetime of fabric
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dermatologist approved

50 Loads in a patented fully biodegradable bottle, that safely can be put onto garbage landfills.

#1 selling ecobiotic Detergent

Balance "Eco-Biotic" detergent is like no other detergent ever devised.

Balance' living natural biological pro-microbial and anti-microbial detergent naturally separates, lifts and consumes deeply imbedded organics producing unsurpassed, superior cleaning results.

Fabrics will be bright, soft to the touch and odor free with a hint of lavender.


  • Vibrant Colors: Balance will result in vibrant colors that are not damaged by traditional bleaches, per acids, oxidizers, and other damaging chemicals.
  • Whitest Whites: Balance will result in bold whites, free of yellowing and graying typically seen when using conventional detergents.
  • Overall Results: Balance will produce better wash results across the board without the use of caustic chemicals, thereby improving textile quality while extending textile life.

Washing trials show that the use of chlorine and other oxidizers severly decreases the durability of textiles, breaking down fiber integrity.

Balance living, microbial and eco-friendly ingredients are void of harsh ionic oxidizers resulting in longer lasting textiles.

Exhaustive testing at the Robert Koch Institute in Germany showed that textiles washed with Balance detergent had a fiber loss rate of  10 TIMES LESS than textiles washed with typical detergents like Tide, Arm & Hammer, etc.

Balance will produce a minimum of TWICE the fiber life.

Balance is fully REACH compliant. REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction) is a very strict EU regulation that addresses the production and use of chemical substances, and their potential impacts on both human health and the environment.

Balance is the only REACH compliant detergent in the U.S. consumer market. Balance offers the highest level of product safet available.

The Balance bottle is fully biodgradeable in landfills with no trace of heavy metals or any substances harmful to ecology and environment. The bottle is composed of plentiful, renewable resources and requires less energy to produce than typical petroleum based plastics. The Balance bottle substantially reduces carbon foot print.

More Information

Balance is a non-hazardous liquid, biologic cleaner, and has no carcinogens listed by IARC, NTP, NIOSH, OSHA or ACGIH.

Main Ingredients: Bacillus Subtilis, Bacillus, Poly(oxy-1,2-ethanediyl)

Balance is a natural biologic - color may vary, <1% SVHC.

REACH compliant


Robert Koch Institute

General Info

The science of Nano-Clean BALANCE Antimicrobial Safe Laundry

Detergent utilizes Nano-Clean Technology to naturally clean with billions of micro-actives capable of penetrating beyond single fibers to tackle the deeply embedded microbial contaminants and other unwanted organics and derived stains & odors from fabrics.

Scrubs...never had it so good!

BALANCE is a high performing, commercial- grade laundry detergent powerful enough to be used by commercial laundry professionals while at the same time, gentle enough to use at home. It safely delivers an active & synergistic cellular technology optimized to naturally clean fabrics more thoroughly over lower performing, retail-grade detergents.


Energy-saving, highly active, low-temperature laundry detergent is designed for the fast-pace rigors of healthcare fabric cleaning. BALANCE is the only consumer detergent , available through specialized retailers, powerful enough to be used currently by commercial laundry professionals domestically and internationally.

Antimicrobial Safe Laundry Detergent Formulated to work safely with MICROSTATIC home or factory applied antimicrobial fabric protection. BALANCE is a natural technology that does not harm, diminish or reduce the overall effectiveness of permanent antimicrobial fabric protection.

Complies with strict eco-standards in Europe under the REACH program

BALANCE complies with raw materials, product composition and manufacturing processes utilized, not to contain any SVHC in concentrations of >0.1%. (Substances of High Concern)

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