Advanced Hypochlorous Skin Spray

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Advanced Hypochlorous Skin Spray

“Hypochlorous Skin Spray ” a versatile Organic/Vegan Mist that promotes healthy skin from head to toe providing a cleansing, soothing sensation that can be used as often as desired. Non Irritating, safe and effective.

Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is the most important substance naturally made by the human body that can be produced at commercial scale– pure and stable— and made available for routine use in cosmetic care. There is just nothing comparable amongst the whole spectrum of natural products that can bring so many benefits to skin care.

Origins and effects: Made by your white blood cells and others that reside in skin and brain tissues, HOCl serves as the body’s ‘first responder’ to irritation and injury—correcting blemishes Acne, hurrying the healing of all kinds of wounds, and maintaining health and wellness of skin at all stages of life. Short-lived when applied topically, it quickly triggers cascades of local events that all contribute to restoring skin to its optimal condition, and overcoming the commonplace damage experienced by your body’s largest organ—skin—as it deals with daily insults from the environment, physical, chemical and infectious.

Science and HOCl: The scientific evidence supporting these effects is plentiful and is published in the most rigorous and prestigious biomedical and chemistry journals*. Newly discovered features of HOCl have come about from the value of making it pure, homogeneous and more comparable to the way it’s naturally made and delivered to the sites of need in the body.

Benefits to the body: Regular use of Curativa Bay HOCL offers an array of benefits that extend from enhancing skin tone, and inhibiting the toll of skin ageing changes, to relief from skin anomalies and discomfort wherever there has been irritation or injury, with proven cleansing, soothing and calming effects at points of need. Redness and damaging changes from routine exposure to influences that can harm skin appearance and feel are intercepted and reversed. These outcomes are especially helpful after dermatological procedures, as an adjunct to recovery. Advanced skin care options are opened up with adoption of daily topical pure HOCl for routine application, no matter your age or sex—good things will come about, and will be noticed and enjoyed.

100% Natural and Organic

Cosmetic procedures that create a controlled wound require proper pre and post-procedure anti-septic wound care in order to achieve optimal healing (1).

The Antiseptic-Antibiotic Dilemma:

Controversy over the use of conventional anti-septic products such as Povidone-iodine and chlorhexidine gluconate exists despite their broad antimicrobial properties and generally safe profiles.  Topical antiseptics are associated with cytotoxicity and lead to impaired wound healing (2). The FDA has issued a warning that rare but serious allergic reactions have been reported with the use of chlorhexidine gluconate.

The use of topical antibiotic formulations in wound care has fallen out of favor for several reasons. The development of antibiotic resistance is a very real concern. These preparations have a spectrum of activity limited to bacteria only; they are inactive against yeast that may also colonize the skin.  Allergic contact dermatitis is a widely known side effect of topical antibiotic preparations.

The HOCL Solution:

Hypochlorous acid (HOCL) incorporated into topical formulations has emerged for use in the prevention of wound infection, and in the treatment of chronically infected wounds, due to its broad anti-microbial activity and its safety in use on human tissues (3,4). Numerous in vitro studies have documented its potent microbicidal activity against bacteria, spores produced by bacteria, fungi including yeast, and viruses (5).  In contrast to conventional anti-septics, HOCL solution is not cytotoxic (2). 

HOCL has also been shown to promote wound healing. Wound healing, a complex, not fully understood process, is mediated by several immunological factors that include platelets, leukocytes, fibroblasts, and keratinocytes. Optimal wound healing requires additional factors, prime among them are a sufficient blood supply for adequate tissue oxygenation (and prevention or eradication of infection with pathogenic microbes) (1,2).  As a known vasodilator, HOCL increases blood flow and oxygenation at the site of application. Laboratory research has also demonstrated that HOCL at low concentrations has favorable effects on skin fibroblast and keratinocyte cell migration, a necessary phase for wound healing (2).  

Multiple clinical studies suggest a correlation between the antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antipruritic and immunomodulatory properties of HOCL when used for the treatment of various skin disorders, including atopic dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, acne vulgaris, and skin ulcerations (5).  Dermatologists have advocated the application of HOCL for skin cleaning and for recovery during the healing period from dermatologic procedures such as energy-based procedures and laser therapy (1).  A consensus report reached by dermatologists and plastic surgeons outlined the case for the use of HOCL in wound management and as a post procedure regimen aimed at reducing the risk of infection and promoting healing (6).

The discovery that HOCL is a component of the innate immune response, produced within human phagocytic cells to kill pathogenic microbes, was made in the second half of the 20th century.  It came decades after the anti-infective properties of HOCl were first recognized.  More recently, efforts to manufacture a viable HOCL product were complicated by the challenge of chemical instability, resulting in inconsistent solutions with low concentration of HOCL and contaminated by toxic chlorine decay products.  Stable pharmaceutical HOCL formulations have relied on additives to delay its decay (7).


MEDICUS' Curativa Bay HOCL Solution:

The HOCL solution provided is unique from other HOCL products on the market in its purity and its stability. It is free of extraneous additives or preservatives that may be associated with skin sensitivity. Derived from advanced technology utilizing the electrolysis of salt water, it is a homogenous form of pure HOCL that retains an unprecedented potency against a wide range of bacteria, viruses and fungi for 4 years without degradation. Curativa Bay is the only product that provides a highly pure and stable, efficacious HOCL solution that can be used for a wide range of skincare applications.



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